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Adsense CPC, CTR, Ad Impression & RPM ?

Friends todays topic is Adsense CPC CTR Ad Impression & RPM What is it and how can you know how much money 1000 views are available on your Adsense ? If you have a blogger then you should know what the CPC is ? what is CTR what is ad Impression and what is RPM ? Adsense CPC CTR Ad Impression and RPM What is?

Because blogging is like business and this is the rule of busuness busunessman should know how much earning is happening aat his 1 views and how much earning is happening on 1000 views Only then can you be successful in blogging

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What is the CPC?

The full form of CPC is Cost per Click and it means how much money is getting 1 click of
Example if your CPC is $ 0.5 then this means if there is a click on ad its $ 0.5 will add to your adsense account.

What is Impression?

Ad Impression means how often ads are displayed on your blog how often it is visible to the visitor Suppose if you have a 1000 page view on blog and its impression is 800 then this means that the blog has been ad 800 times visitor.

What is CTR?

The full form of CTR is Click Through Rate and its means that the rate is coming from the rate on which ads are showing on your blog CTR is always calulated in percentage.

CTR = (Click / Ad Impression) * 100
Click: How many times have ad clicked on
Ad Impression: How often the advertiser has shown,
Example: If 10 clicks have arrived on your blog and your ad is impression 100, then your
CTR = (10/100) * 100
CTR = .1.100
CTR = 10%

How to Calculate Per 1000 Views Estimated Earning ?

If you know the CPC CTR you can find out from this formule how much earning of 1000 views are happening

Estimated Earning = CPC * CTR * 1000 (pageview)
Example: If your CPC is $ 0.5 and CTR is 2%, then
Estimated Earning = .5 * (2/100) * 1000
Estimated Earning = .5 * .02 * 1000
Estimated Earning = $ 1

What is RPM ?

RPM full form is Revenue Per 1000 Impression which means if you have 1000 ad impression on your blog Adsense that is 1000 times the ad. then its Earning is much You can calculate this from this formula.

RPM = (Estimated Earning / ad Impression) * 1000
Example: If your Estimated Earning is $ 10 and ad Impression is 100
RPM = (10/100) * 1000
RPM = .1 * 1000
RPM = 100
This means you are getting $ 1000 Revenue of 1000 Ad Impression.

View Video Guide to Visualize,

Hope you all understand that Adsense CPC CTR Ad Impression & RPM is what ? And how we can calculate our Google Adsense Earning If you have any question or suggestion then you must comment.

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