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Did you know that you can earn good money by sharing online with other people on your thoughts or ideas internet.

Nowdays there are many people who are earning laks of rupees from internet nowdays So do you have question

Well there are many ways to earn from internet but what is the best way is called blogging .

You will need a blog to blogging Do not worry Googles blogger or blogspot tool will give you this service free or cost, so now the question arises how to create a free website on Google But before that the question arises that on Google alone the blog is created?

So lets first know why they created their first website on Google What are the benifits of this ?

1. Making website in Google is free and easy this means that you can start your blogging without investing .
2. It does not require any technical knowledge.
3.Meaning you have to buy a blog on , you have to buy hostgator or Bluehost companies from hosting but googles blogger tool gives you lifetime free hosting service.
4. There is no hidden charge on it.
5 offers you more than thousand pluse templates to design blogs
6 In this you can buy custom domain from Godaddy or Bigrock without any charge and purchases it.

How to create a free website on blogger or blogspot?

To create a website on Google you will need a google account if you already have an google phone then its great Oherwise you can click here and create a new account in 5 minutes so let us go to step by step now to create a free blog

Step 1: First go to and login with your google account.

Step 2: Now click on New Blog

Step 3: Now a window popup will open in front of you here you have to choose your blogs name address URL and template or theme.

Step 4: Click Create Blog.

Your website has become your website and now you can start writing a post on it.

If you have any problem with free website creating by following method described in this post then let me comment by commenting below.
Your every possible help will be............ 
If you want to be buddy donors please contact admin via Whatsapp .Proceeds from donations will be used to extend the domain Thank you

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