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Google Input Tools is an extension tool that lets you create virtual keyboard layouts in various languages.

Personal and Customisable

The Googel Input Tool is availabe for a range of platforms and devicdes including android and windows devices Chrome and other google services  The tool support more then 80 language and you can converse in almost any language whenever you wantsto irrespecrice of whether you are at work home or anywhere the tool is all about entering text and not translating them. Google input tools memorises your corrections and keeps a custom dictionary so that uncommon or new names and words can be registered as and when you type them in . as a result you can send your message in the style you perfer.

Seting up the extension is very easy and quick the setup should take time similar to other extension if not less the actual time consumed depends on the preffered keyboards and input methods choosen from the availabel options
to start typing in you rprefrred language you just have to hit the extension icon select the language and tyoe based on the choise you make you can type type using virtual keyboard draw in a box that tecognises handwritting or just type in English and select the right word from the suggestion that show up people who use various language onlne would find this extension a major time saver,

If you want to be buddy donors please contact admin via Whatsapp .Proceeds from donations will be used to extend the domain Thank you

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