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Sometime you noticed that some website have a facebook like box that allows user to directly like there page and also shows how many people like or if you are already sign in your account then it will shows you that which your friends also like this facebook page so I think this is good way to get like on our facebook page or increase the follwes this traffic will halps us with the next post if we share on our facebook page or our website so how we can add this , here is full guidline with the steps and by this guidline you can facebook like page on your blog

To setup this tool in your blog you have to Copy the Following code and paste in it to your blog by adding a ner pafe element 

  1. Go To Dashboard > Layout > Add Gadget> HTML or JavaScript
  2. Copy the code from this file and paste it in that blogger or blog widget .
  3. Save the HTML and view your blog 

Now you have added successfuly Facebook like box to your blog or website if you like like this post then please give feedback your comment give us new ideas and motivation to write new  post and  also you can subscribe us our youtube chennal where we shows many softwares installion tutorial s 


If you want to be buddy donors please contact admin via Whatsapp .Proceeds from donations will be used to extend the domain Thank you

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