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How to make your own .onion tor site in English ? Hey Guys has asked me to make post on dark site, or it can be hosted by you. Or can anyone access the world's most global browser?

If you want to know more about your site, then you can contact us at .one site, or you can access the world's browser.

If you have any questions about how to install the Xampp software, then you have to configure it. If you are not sure of how to do this, please wait.

Alert: This article are only for Educational Purpose, Do not Misuse!

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Step1: If you want to install your browser, please install Tor Browser. or install Xampp software, then set up your localhost.

Step2: If you have installed your browser on your browser, open the folder of the browser folder. or uske ak name to create new folder

Step3: Open your C: \ Tor Browser \ Browser \ TorBrowser \ Data \ Tor folder to open the jar torc file. or add us to the new code.

 # Hidden Service
HiddenServiceDir C:\Tor Browser\Domain
HiddenServicePort 80

C: \ Tor Browser \ Domain lets you copy the path of your folder, which has created you step2 me. If you only followed the steps, then copy the code above and paste it into the file.

Step4: Save the torrent file. or open it on your browser. The browser is open for you to create a new .onion site url.

Step5: Please open the Domain Folder for your site url, and you have been removed from step2. You can open a hostname name in the file, just open it. Please enter a new name for your site.

Step6: Copy the url to the site url or open the browser

Step7: Guys and your local host computer are open at the localhost.

You can open the entire browser on the site as soon as possible. If you open the site you want to open it, you will automatically connect your computer (localhost server) to another

you are trying to reach your destination. or you can access the browser. I am the only person who has got the article for educational purposes only. apni khud ki .onion site banakar The Dark Web is not included in any illegal activity.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for this information. If you have any questions related to the Dark Web, then you can comment on it.

 Thanks for Reading! Keep Visiting
If you want to be buddy donors please contact admin via Whatsapp .Proceeds from donations will be used to extend the domain Thank you

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