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Are you use blog or youtube chennal ? If yes then you have already heard about these technical terms like CPM, CTR, CPC, CPA, OR CPL. If not then there is nothing worry about because today we will understand about them. Well they are not as difficult as they appear it is only late to understand them otherwise what is their fun? Well if you have ever used Adsense then you have seen being used as it is Adsenses tools which are widely used in the online advertising industry.

If we talk about online advertising, then there are three main types of people in it The first is the Publishers or the content creator. They actually create all the content. These can be blogger or youtuber which create content in text or video formate, There are people from other category who are called advertisers, These are those people who use site or channels or these creators to promote their business to display their ads These are actually business owners The third category people are Advertising agencies such as google adwords. These are those people who work in a medium to mix both creators and advertisers Their main tast is to send advertisers ads to targeted users through correct publishers All of them have profit.

So you have to understand their basics properly , you can understand them even better by going somewhere so today i thought why you should get full informatinon about how people are CPM CTR CPC CPA OR CPL how they are calculated and what are the delays lets start and undersatd.

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Full form of CPM is Cost Per Mille the second full form of cpm is cost per thousand where M is a symbol is 1000 if we write it in roman number in the online advertising field, you can in a particular banner link ads lets say in the language it refer to cost per thousand page impressions cpm actully refers to number of clicks registered in any website by readers for your information ad networt such as adsense use cpm to calculate the revenue of a website.

The full form of CTR is click through rate this is a way through which an online advertisement campaingn is measured the ctr is the percentage that is used to divide into the number of users who clicked on the ads of the web page number of times it has delivered impression.

To Be Continues......

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