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Hello friends welcome to my aexdroid in this post of computer information today we will talk about what is google AMP and how to apply AMP in blog if you are looking for answers to these questions then you have the right place come on google AMP is which AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages the page in which it is very fast loads in mobile

Here I would like to tell you that at this time more than 70 persent of the worlds people use the internet in a mobile device thats why google launched the apm projects so that the website in mobile is open in jalore speed this will increase the user internet and promote online content

If you are a blogger you will know very well that the website is a speed google ranking factor and the sooner the website will be loaded or open it comes to the top in google search so lets see

What is google AMP
Google AMP is a standard project that Google and Twitter has launched together This project woeks on html or css it compresses the javescript code and modifies it into html so that the page start loading fast if it is said in simple words it fires the speed or blog or website

You can use Google AMP in a blog or site on both blogger or wordpress platforms there are many plugins abailable to turn on google amp on wordpress site with the help of which easily started google amp on any wp site but it is necessary to spend a little bit of money to use it in blogger .

How to set up Google AMP

Friends it is difficult to apply amp in blogger but it is not as difficult as some people say if you have a little basic knowledge of coding then you can easily apply an amp on your site or blog

First you have to download the google amp blogger template for your blog many website offer free google amp theams and you can also pick a paid theam do not forget to back up the old theam before uploading the new google amp theam to your blogger

When you upload google amp theams to you blog your blog will become google amp now you will have to use an amp tag amp image amp adsense ads amp style amp video

Whenever you post it will replace the compose with th html option fist of all to remove all the html tags available in that page because the div tag already exists in it the amp page considers the error if you do not remove it the div tag will get a random error so that your page will not be indexed in the amp

If you have a post already in your blog and have an image or tag non amp then there will be an error in the search consoke and it will not index it in google amp but it will show like a non amp page

Ig you want to show your blog without page error and want to show in all pages of the website apm edit the old post in modifiers and html such as the amp image removed div tag and style remover use amp ad if you still have an error then comment

If you have any question about Google AMP in your mind then you can ask how do you tell this information given by me about how set up google apm in blogger do not forget to subscribe to the blog.

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