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What is Torrent 

If you want to know about torrent then you must read this post till end. Those who keep downloading large files on computers and internet they will know the name of torrent very well.

Most torrent is used to download large files such as free bollywood movies, free hollywood moves, free software, But have you ever thought that this what torrent is at the end? I think there will be a lot of people who will not know what is torrent?  Today I will try to explain you through this post that what is torrent actully?

What is torrent In Fact torrent means a shower, To download any of the torrent files , a torrent downloader is required first after that downloading a trekker file has to be downloaded.

How Does Torrent Work ?

When you download a file from the internet to your computer that file uploaded to another computer server, which you download to your computer with the help of internet. But this does not happen in torrent downlaod . The file is not uploaded to a computer server rather the torrent file is downloaded from one computer to another computer that is when you download a torrent file C and computer you downloaded in the computer.

When uploaded to a computer server, when a file is downloaded, the download speed of the internet will be as much as the normal download speed. But download speed of the torrent file speed of internet The speed of downloading speed of torrent files can be very low so that the internet speed is high depending on the speed of torrent Seeder or Peer or torrent

Who is Seeder or Leecher in Torrent ?

Seeder means Bid Sower those people who upload or share torrent sites on torrent site such people called seeders , The more the seeder will be as much as the seeder and the speed of their internet is good as the better the file download speed will be as well.

Peer means coworker it is called those who also download torrent file and also upload or share the new file torrent site

There are other types of people who simply download torrent files in this torrent system They never upload or share any kind of file torrent and such people are called Leecher or Leechers

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