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Mostly new blogger dont know about webhosting and sometime the take wrong websites services this cause lose their money and time

So I though why not i write post on web hosting and cover all about hosting what is web hosting and how many types of web hosting and how or where from we can buy web hosting

So I request you to read this post till end i asure you that you will almost know all about web hosting and this post will clear your all doubts

1. What is Web Hosting 

Normally We can say that this is a place where we store our website , this is like storage on the internet where we can store our Website, HTML, documents file pictures media database etc

As like our homes goods like chair bed furniture clothes , same it we store our website to hosting site file store.

This is a internet server who publish our website on internet and make it live and peoples can use your  websites services.

When you buy a hosting package by signing up on a web hosting company then according to that package you are given storage on the internet Here you can store the files of your website and live internet users

2. How many types of webhosting are there ?

There are lots of web hosting companies on the internet who provides diffrent types of packages Here i am listing 5 which are best sold

Shared Hosting
VPS hosting
Dedicated Server hosting
Cloud hosting

1. Shared Hosting - is a very commin hosting type that is a package of budget for small business and blogs because its cost is very low so for startup or most of the website which do not have much traffic they kept on the same server shared hosting is completely user friendly and dont need technical knowledge
2. Cloud Web Hosting - in this hosting the resources of the clustered servers are used which makes the site speed shared hosting more than double you can search more on google 
3. VPS Hosting -VPS hosting whose full name is virtual Private Server hosting has advanced feature from shared hosting in which visualization tech is used it  is like a hotel room and you just have your full right on all the thiings 
In VPO Hosting you do not have to share your hosting with anyone becaue strong and secure servers are virtually divided into different parts the more resources your site needs the more you can use it
4. Dadicated Hosting- if a blogging or website has grown too and it has lot of traffic then dedicated hosting and shared hosting are exacltly the opposite of each other 
if server is very fast the traffic on the website does not reduce the speed prices of decated hosting are very high 
Let us know that the best web hosting companies in india 

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