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Trump Speaks About Pulwama, Says India "Taking a gander At Something Very Strong"

Trump Speaks About Pulwama, Says US President Donald Trump on Friday said that the circumstance among India and Pakistan is "unsafe" after the dread assault in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama in which more than 40 CRPF officers were killed. The assault, asserted by Pakistan-based fear gather Jaish-e-Mohammed, is the deadliest assault on security powers in the stateIndia "Taking a gander At Something Very Strong"

"India is taking a gander at something extremely solid. India simply lost very nearly 50 individuals in the assault. I can comprehend that as well," Donald Trump stated, including that his organization was conversing with experts in the two nations. "We're talking. Many individuals are. It will be an, extremely fragile parity. There is a great deal of issues among India and Pakistan due to what simply occurred," he said.

The dread assault, the most noticeably bad on security powers in the Kashmir valley this decade, has prompted an acceleration of strains among India and Pakistan. Pakistan armed force on Friday cautioned India against any "misfortune", saying it was fit for reacting
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