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Notepad ++ is a powerful and all-in-one text editor, source code editor, and Notepad replacement that supports several programming languages. It comes with a multi-document tab and multi-view interface, which allows working with multiple open files in a single window. The program has all the great features of text editor and source code editor, also support for multiple languages, extensive plugin system, syntax highlighting and syntax folding, and more. Notepad ++ (Notepad Plus Plus) supports several programming languages ​​including C, C ++, C #, Objective C, Java, XML, HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, ASP, VB, VB, SQL, Pascal, Perl, Python, , Ruby, Caml, InnoSetup, and more. The program allows user to define their own language, and allows you to edit multiple documents at the same time. Use the regular expression, brace and indent guideline highlighting, macro recording and playback, and more. Key features: Syntax highlighting and syntax folding Perl Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE) Simple and customizable interface (GUI) Minimalist, multi-line tab (document list) Auto completion and function completion Supports C, C ++, Java, C #, XML, HTML, etc. Function parameters hint different arguments Dynamic position and file status auto detection Multi document tab and multi view interface Brace and Indent Guideline Highlighting Supports both Windows x86 and x64 versions Zoom in and out, and WYSIWYG printing Multi-Language environment supported Macro recording and macro playback And so much more. What's new in Notepad ++ 7.5.8: Other bug fixes and improvements

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