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How to Hack Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram Using SS7 Flaw

What is SS7 Flaw?

The Signaling System 7 (SS7) has been in used in the telecommunications industry since 1975. It is a set of telephone signal protocols that are used to control the world’s PSTN (public switch telephone network). The SS7 technology is also responsible for local number portability, prepaid payments, SMS and number translation. Messaging services highly rely on this technology. The SS7 is not as secure as it should be. The discovery of its vulnerability was made in 2008. 6 years later, in 2014, the media made this information public.
Hackers can now use SS7 flaws to hack WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook. According to the news, Researchers are intelligent enough to hack WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook using the telecom flaw.

How to Hack WhatsApp and Telegram

Hackers exploit the SS7 flaw by making the telecom network believe that the attacker’s device has the same mobile phone number as the user under attack. Both Telegram and WhatsApp require only the phone number for a login. Since the system has been fooled that you, the hacker, has the victim’s number, a secret code will be sent to your phone. They will enter the secret code, after which you will have total control of their WhatsApp or Telegram account. That’s one can hack Telegram and WhatsApp.

How to Hack Facebook Account With SS7 Flaw

One would argue that since Facebook has a password, it would be harder to hack. Due to the SS7 flaw, the hacker will not need your Facebook Password. Just like in the cases of WhatsApp and Telegram, the telecom network is duped into believing you have the victim’s phone number. Yours will be an easy task of clicking on ‘Forgot Password’.

Facebook will prompt you to enter an email address or phone number to change the password. You will provide the owner’s legitimate number. A password reset code will be sent to your number. After resetting the password you will have full control of the victim’s Facebook account. What an easy Facebook hack!

So from the above ARTICLE, you can see how easily your Telegram, Facebook, and WhatsApp account can be hacked. The worst part is the hackers can see and alter the messages according to their wish.

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