How to Submit Website Properties on Google Search Console

Hello everyone, this time I have written an important article for Bloggers.

Everyone wants good results on Google search, therefore, we must add Website Property to Google Search Console. Many people make mistakes. Therefore, we must add all properties such as HTTP, HTTPS, WWW and URL without WWW to Google Search Console.

For Blogger users, you can Submit 2 Properties in Google Search Console:
If you use Blogger with SSL ( HTTPS ), then you must add 2 properties as follows
For WordPress users, you can add 4 properties as follows:
If you have submitted all of the above properties in the Google Search Console, then you must enter the Sitemap for each property.

For blogger users, you can add sitemap.xml to the sitemap column.

After adding a sitemap to Google Search Console, then you must then choose the version of the URL you want to display such as WWW or without WWW.

For Blogger users, I recommend using WWW. If you add a WWW to your blog, Google will display the complete URL in the search results.
Thank you for your input. You Really Help Us Improve Aexdroid.

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