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KM Premiere Pro CS6 - Hello internet, so a few days ago I already shared KM Premiere Pro CS6, but many of you complained about the equalizer and sound changer features that cannot be used. And in this article, I will share a version of KM Premiere Pro CS6 that can already use the sound changer feature and equalizer.

As in previous versions of KM Premiere Pro, in this version I have added 15 new fonts, 5 of which are script fonts in Indonesia. In addition, there are also many other latest fonts that did not exist in the previous version. Padayang is very suitable for cinematic videos.  In this version, KM Premiere Pro CS6 also supports editing video coded H256 or HVEC video. Codec H256 itself is a video codec system that still maintains the quality of the resulting video is good and stable, but with a file size that is much smaller than other video coding systems. In addition, a feature that is not inferior is the Reverse Feature which can make your video go backwards. Equalizer and Sound Changer that you can use to change your sound settings. And of course it's fixed.

FEATURES: - Based on Kinemaster 4.11.16 - Reverse Video - New Filter Color - HVEC Video Support - Sound Changer - Equalizer - Adobe Premiere Pro Theme - 3 Aspect Ratios - Blend Mode - Chroma Key - 16x Speed ​​Up Video - Unlimited Layer Video - Update Asset on Asset Store - New Custom Font - 5 New Fonts - New Background Media - New Workspace Color

SUCH HERE: Okay, for those who want to try this application immediately, just click the link below, this one is specifically for Android, right ...



 Click Image Above. 

Click Proccess to Link. Wait 5 seconds until the GET LINK text appears. If directed to the ad / playstore, just press and continue to click GET LINK again until directed to UsersDrive.

Okay, so here is the article KM Premiere Pro CS6 Fix Bug Equalizer and Sound Changer Version. If you feel that there are some issues with kinemaster, you can immediately leave a trace in the comments column below. And for those of you who want to know more about how to edit videos through Kinemaster, you can simply open the Aprelryu Channel on YouTube. That's all for this article, see you in the next article ...

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