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Cell Tracker is one among the best parental control
mobile apps for modern smartphones. Provided
free-of-cost, the mobile-spying, tracking & Controlling
Android app is packed with state-of-the-art features in
abundance. Itis robust software works by tracking and
recording all activity from the monitored smartphone
which includes all-call recordings, browsing history,
live-location status, photos, videos, SMS, social media
notifications, e-mails, installed apps, web-filtering,
contacts and many more.
track the smartphone activities of your underage
Know the live whereabouts of your family members
Live video feed, web-filtering, Social-media monitoring&
20+ state-of-the art mobile tracking features
Note: The mobile-tracking application must only be
installed by the account holder or phone owner. We
do not condone the use of our software for any illegal
purpose. We would block any account that will try to
misuse our service.

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