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WaveEditor Pro Mod for Android™ v1.82 Pro APK descriptions: WaveEditor Pro Mod  for Android™ is an expert apparatus for altering, recording, and acing sound.

WaveEditor for Android ™ is a professional tool to edit, record and master audio. WaveEditor also supports a wide variety of file types that make it suitable for converting audio formats and playing media. The free version of WaveEditor contains many features and is quite useful. However, if you like this application, buy the updated version to maximize your potential. This can be done within the application through the billing of the application, and guarantees future support, as well as new features in later versions.
# Supported export formats: aiff, flac, mp3, ogg, pcm, wav
# Independent audio recorders and editor.
# USB microphone support
# Built-in file browser to upload and save files
# 32 bit floating point signal processing
# Single sample edition.
# Zoom, panning and selection functions.
# Macro processes such as fade, reverse, and invert
# Amplitude meter
# Undo / redo and copy / paste features
# Compact view configuration for smaller devices
# Alternative waveform colors for better stereo viewing.

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The free form of WaveEditor pro mod contains numerous highlights and is very valuable. Be that as it may, in the event that you like this application, purchase the updated rendition to completely use it’s potential. This should be possible inside the application through In App Billing, and guarantees future help just as new highlights in later discharges.

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