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PhotoRoom  pro mod apk is a professional photo editing application for phone platforms. Simple PhotoRoom is a tool application that supports users in editing image colors, crop photos, remove backgrounds, creating fonts, and providing a treasure trove of sample photos for you to use freely. It helps create quality, professional-looking photos. With the tasks of adjusting image brightness, cropping images, removing background images, downloading sample images to the device for arbitrary use. 

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Take pictures directly through the app, or upload existing photos from the gallery to edit photos. The application allows you to use photos just taken with PhotoRoom for immediate editing. Most of the photo editing apps now have this feature for quick convenience for users. You have the freedom to choose your favorite background image in a diverse library of more than 1000 photos, which we provide to help customers quickly access simpler photo editing utilities such as editing images and inserting text into images.

To create the fastest access to users, we programmatically create the ability to add more photos and insert original photos to create extremely magical pictures. Moreover, you can enter paragraphs, text sentences inserted on the image to express the desired content for viewers to grasp quickly. One key highlight in photo editing applications is quality image color filters, which attracts users to download PhotoRoom immediately. It provides users with background images and has a multitude of color filters, which help you easily adjust photos according to existing trends such as old film black and white, Hong Kong photo color, and fresh photo color for a natural photo. Contrast has the function to increase or decrease color saturation, light and dark, and the image’s sharpness until it fits the eye. Using PhotoRoom, you can blur the background of an image, erase the background or desaturate, and quickly create various colors for your subject.

You can be an ordinary person, not a professional photo-editing photographer, nor a good Designer with high artistic thinking. Still, with PhotoRoom, you can do things you never could before. Make your own photos even more magical, with professional-quality quality in just a few minutes. Is the application a miracle? PhotoRoom can automatically recognize and crop objects and people in your photos. With just a few clicks, flick through to remove the background to create a stunning photo. You can thoroughly recommend your own products to everyone.

The app outputs photos in high-resolution quality, something few currently do (for the Pro version). Besides, the application also features creating stickers, separate logos to mark certain products like yours. Design a cute little logo and put it in the corner of the photo, isn’t it cool? (In PhotoRoom Pro version). As if a tiny studio fits in the palm of your hand, it’s incredible


What do you get in return, convenience quickly? Just a few minutes with simple manipulation, you absolutely have the ability to create a cool, beautiful photo to upload to Facebook Instagram and show off to your friends. After a few times of editing photos, you will master the features and manipulations. From now on, you can turn your photos into masterpieces, confidently receive photo editing to help friends and relatives… Avatar pictures representing personal accounts, as cover images for Instagram, Youtube; take and edit photos of items for sale on electronic stores. Taste is now following the trend of online shopping; a few beautiful and eye-catching photos will naturally stimulate customers to pay attention to the products in your store. PhotoRoom can help you make your business better, make money with our simplicity. Provide various background images for you and continuously updated, with festive occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, or Chinese New Year. Ensure you are always ready to upload to your personal account to catch the right trend of that special holiday atmosphere.


PhotoRoom Pro contains awesome resale functionality for your products. You are a hard worker in your business, upgrade your current version of PhotoRoom to Pro version to enjoy features such as a comprehensive college, export to your market (e.g., in Poshmark, vinted,…) or a special feature to mass-export products with twice as fast as a Pro member (as a Pro member of the app you will certainly get the above privileges). For the Pro version, you get access to the options in Pro Cutout special mode (Standard crop, Object trim, Person crop). Get involved in the community with over 100000 people

Download PhotoRoom (MOD, PRO Unlocked)

Features :

Here are some Features PhotoRoom Pro Apk :

  1. Remove Backgrounds Effortlessly 
  2. Can be used for any image
  3. Edit further
  4. Automatic or Manua
  5. Edit color or replace background
  6. Easy to use
  7. Product images for e-commerce & marketplaces 
  8. Portrait photos and profile pics for your business or social channels
  9. Add your watermark 
  10. Create professional youtube thumbnails
  11. Portraits photos for your passport, ID, driving license
  12.  Cover for your youtube cover, Instagram story, Facebook page
  13.  Instagram stories to showcase your store or your activity
  14. HD cutouts unlocked
  15. and more features unloacked and bugs fixed.

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  • Instant background eraser
  • Removed Ads
  • HD cutout & export
  • 1k Pro Templates 
  • VIP Support



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Hope you Download Photoroom pro Latest Verion and am hankful for your precious time to read this article. If you wanna that your friend also need this type of Apk then definitely share this amazing app with your friends so that they will also get benefits. If you have any question about this app then leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible. Keep visiting Cloneapk for latest new Moded apps and games. Have a nice day.

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